Carers' breaks

There may be occasions when you need a break from your caring role.

A carers' break (also known as respite care) can range from an hour's home-based service to a residential stay up to an agreed time for the person you care for.

Other breaks may be available such as emergency breaks, sitting services and leisure and training opportunities for carers' groups.

Accessing carers' breaks

You can access a carers' break if you care for a friend or relative who:

  • is an older person
  • has a learning disability
  • has a physical disability
  • has a long-term illness
  • suffers from a mental health problem

Northamptonshire Carers will assess your needs. This is known as a carer's assessment. This helps them to consider the best way to support you in your caring role.

If an assessment finds you to be eligible, we can arrange respite care which can include the following services:

  • day services for adults and older people
  • home based respite
  • leisure and training opportunities
  • emergency breaks
  • dementia cafes ​

Request a carer's assessment

These are chargeable services so there will be a financial assessment to determine how much you will have to contribute towards the cost. If you have income or savings above the financial threshold, or you wish to self-fund, you can access respite care privately.

If you need any advice on this you can contact us on 0300 126 3000.

Last updated 15 November 2022