What goes in which bin


What goes in garden waste bins or sacks

We use different coloured bins across North Northamptonshire for garden waste. New or replacement bins we provide will be black with a brown lid as we unify our bin colours.:

  • Corby area: Green bins
  • East Northamptonshire area: Black with a brown lid
  • Kettering area: Grey or green bins
  • Wellingborough area: Brown bins

We accept:

  • grass, leaves, flowers, plants and weeds
  • hedge trimmings, twigs, prunings and small tree cuttings
  • hutch bedding
  • fallen fruit (but not food waste in general)
  • twigs and woody material (less than 20cm or 8 inches in thickness)

We do not accept:

  • cardboard
  • compostable liners, plastic bags or other liners
  • kitchen waste
  • side waste or extra bags of waste
  • soil or turf
  • vacuum cleaner contents
  • wood (e.g. twigs and branches thicker than 20cm or 8 inches, DIY wood, furniture, etc)
  • cat litter and dog waste

Last updated 19 February 2024