New, replacement or damaged bins


New, replacement or damaged bins

Repairs, replacements, removals and cleaning

We will repair or replace bins free of charge if they are damaged by our staff or equipment.

The size of bin provided might not be a like-for-like replacement and intentionally damaged or destroyed bin replacements are chargeable.

You need to leave the damaged bin out, otherwise we won't be able to repair or replace it.

Containers will not be replaced if they are in a usable condition and we do not offer a cleaning service for bins. Private companies are available to offer this service.

You can also request we remove a bin.

Missing bins

If a bin has been lost or stolen, let us know so that we can replace it.

New builds

You can order bins if you are moving to a property that doesn’t have a full set of bins yet. If you haven’t moved in, please make sure you tell us your move date. You will need to register for council tax before your bins can be delivered.


For new blocks of flats, larger communal bins need to be ordered. This can take some time, so please liaise with your local Planning officers or waste teams.

Last updated 21 May 2024