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Garden waste

Disposing of garden waste

Where you can dispose it

Garden waste bins

You can sign up to our service and use your garden waste bin.

Garden waste sacks

You will be able to purchase 'one-off collection' sacks throughout North Northamptonshire if needed instead of signing up to the full service.

Home composters

We offer a discounted home composting bin available through Getcomposting. This is the most environmentally friendly way to deal with garden waste.

Discounted 220 litre home composters are available at £5 plus delivery to the first 1,000 residents to apply.

Household waste and recycling centres

You can continue to take your garden waste to any of our household waste and recycling centres free of charge.

Where you can't dispose it

Other bins

Garden waste should never be placed in general refuse or recycling bins, as we may not collect your bin.


Charging for garden waste collections in other areas did not cause extra fly-tipping. Most fly-tipping is from small and medium businesses (construction, demolition and other business waste) and some household waste. It is an offence to dump any type of waste, including garden waste, unless it is your property or an authorised waste site.

We have a zero tolerance policy for fly-tipping and we will be closely monitoring any incidents, which officers will investigate.

Last updated 16 January 2023