Apply for an animal licence

You need an animal activities licence if you are in the business of:

  • animal boarding (including home boarding and day care)
  • dog breeding
  • selling animals as pets
  • hiring out horses for riding and or instruction 
  • keeping or training animals for exhibition

There is a separate application process for:

  • dangerous wild animal licences
  • zoo licences

Read the guidance below before proceeding with your application as you will have to declare that you are familiar with the relevant guidance to be licensed: 

Further information you may find useful:

For prices, view our licensing fees and charges.

Apply or renew

You will need:

  • plan of the premises 
  • insurance policy (where relevant) to cover the period of licence renewal
  • operating procedures 
  • risk assessments (including fire) 
  • infection control procedure
  • qualifications certificates
  • training records

You will receive an inspection before your new licence is issued. You need to apply 10 weeks before you require the licence. 

Pay fee on grant of your licence

 A grant fee is required once you receive a grant fee request notice from the licensing unit.

Change an animal licence

Email us at [email protected] to make any other change. 

Appeal or request a star rating rescore

You can appeal an animal welfare licence star rating if you feel it does not reflect the animal welfare standards and risk level of the business at the time of the inspection.

You cannot appeal if your business has made improvements and wishes to be reassessed, in this case you need to apply for a reinspection.

Last updated 11 April 2023