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A message from the Leader of the Council

A message from the Leader of the Council, Councillor Jason Smithers.

Your council tax helps pay for vital local services. It is used to look after vulnerable people who need care and assistance, young and old. It helps provide educational support for children and young people as well as training and skills development.

Your council tax supports local communities. It helps fund rural bus services, maintain local roads and provide leisure facilities, parks, play areas, libraries, cultural facilities and much more.

We have again set a balanced budget for the year ahead. This means we will only spend what we can afford. At the same time, we are planning to both protect and invest in local public services.

I am very aware that this last year has been particularly challenging for everyone. We have been working hard to support those who need our help the most. We have also been working hard to help grow the local economy through programmes of investment, as well as make savings in our budget.

Delivering efficient, effective and affordable public services is a commitment we have made to everybody in North Northamptonshire. We have been making sound progress on this, but I want us to do much more.

The council is proposing savings of nearly £15m this year, building on previous savings plans of £27m since the council was created two years ago. We are transforming the way we provide services so we can both protect and invest in those areas that matter to you.

Our budget for 2023/24 will provide important stability for public services in the area where you live. Some highlights from our budget include:

• Investing £57m to protect and improve local services
• Improving local schools, town centres, transport and rural neighbourhoods
• Tackling climate change, continuing the use of a dedicated £1m fund for this purpose
• Investing in adult social care and the care and support for children and families
• Helping those on low income by maintaining the Local Council Tax Support Scheme at 25%
• Continuing to support and develop the local economy, housing, education and skills development
• Providing grants to local community and voluntary organisations

With best wishes,

A Message from the Leader of the Council, Councillor Jason Smithers



Last updated 24 February 2023