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Datasets and frequent requests

This page contains information which is publicly available to you due to frequent requests for this information or as a result of our duties to hold public registers or publish certain information proactively.

If you wish to obtain access to any further information you can't find here, you can:

Temporary Removal

The Council has temporarily removed its NNDR datasets from public view due to reports of this data being used to commit fraud.  Some of the data contained in the publication is being used in some parts of the country to attempt to fraudulently claim the COVID19 business rate grants.

The Council is also refusing to respond to all NNDR FOI requests and specific requests on COVID19 business rate grants under FOI exemption 31(1)(a). This exemption is used when it is deemed the need to prevent crime (in this case fraud) is greater than the public interest in accountability. There is clear supporting evidence emerging nationally of a number of fraudulent applications, and in a few isolated cases payment, overpayment and double payments. At a time of national crisis combating fraud from the public purse has to take priority.

Why information is on a different website
We are in the process of adding information to this new unitary council website. Some pages will give you a link back to a previous council website to help you find what you need. Read more about the council changes.

Last updated 30 September 2021