Computers, printing and photocopying

Printing and photocopying

Printing from the library computers and photocopying is available in all libraries apart from Finedon.

Please refer to our list of libraries page to check your local library's opening hours.

A4 black and white printouts25p per sheet
A4 colour printouts75p per sheet
A3 black and white printouts35p per sheet
A3 colour printouts£1.05 per sheet

Public printing

You can now print your documents (A4 size only) at selected libraries from home, at work, or while you are on the go using your own device. This service is available at the following libraries:

  • Corby
  • Danesholme
  • Desborough
  • Earls Barton
  • Irthlingborough     
  • Oundle
  • Raunds
  • Rothwell
  • Rushden
  • Thrapston
  • Wellingborough
  • Wollaston


Wait for your print job code email to be sent back to you and pop into one of our libraries. Enter your job code and the required printing fee and your prints will be released.

Speak to our staff for more information.

By using the public guest printing services in any of our Northamptonshire LibraryPlus libraries, you confirm that you agree and accept the terms and conditions outlined below. If you do not wish to agree and accept our terms and conditions then please do not continue to use our public guest printing service.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using our public guest printing service. 

If you are found to be in violation of any part of these terms and conditions, Northamptonshire Libraries or their partners reserve the right to block your access to the service we provide.

Terms of use

  • We have no responsibility for, or control over the internet services that you access and do not guarantee that they are error or virus free
  • We have no responsibility for, or control over, the information you transmit or receive via this service.
  • We do not guarantee the availability of the service
  • We do not guarantee the speed at which information may be transmitted or received via the service
  • We do not guarantee the service will be compatible with your equipment or any software which you use to access our service
  • Whilst we take reasonable steps to ensure the security access to the service, we do not guarantee the security of any information which you may transmit or receive while using the service - Therefore we strongly advise against sending confidential and / or personal information to our email address for printing purposes
  • We reserve the right at all times to withdraw the service, change the specifications or manner of use of the service at any time without notice

Your use of the service

  • You must not use our service to send or print anything with language that is defamatory, threatening, intimidating or which could be classed as harassing
  • You must not use our service to send or print any documents that contain obscene, profane or abusive language or material
  • By using our services you agree to respect all LibraryPlus staff and other users of the library
  • By using the services, we will offer the facility to send your documents for free but you will be required to pay for all your documents before they are printed.
  • Once you have sent your documents to the relevant email address for printing, you will not be able to change the document from colour to black and white or vice versa
  • You should be familiar in how to prepare / use your own device (laptop, tablet, Smart Phone) to use our public guest facilities - LibraryPlus staff will not be able to advise on, prepare or use your devices for you
  • We will provide you with the email address that you should send your documents to when they are ready to print
  • We will collect payment in advance of printing your documents
  • We will advise on how to release your print outs following receipt of payment


Refunds will only be given if the quality of print is deemed to be poor by LibraryPlus staff at the point the documents are prints. No refunds will be given once the user has left the library.

At the discretion of the library manager, the user may be permitted to use a public PC free for a maximum of 20 minutes to reprint their documents and release their print outs if payment for printing has already been made and a refund has not been given.

The following file types will be accepted to be printed:

  • Microsoft Office documents Excel (.xls .xlsx)
  • PowerPoint (.ppt .pptx .pps)
  • Word (.doc .docx)
  • Images (.jpeg .jpg .png .tiff .tif)
  • PDF documents (.pdf) and Rich Text documents (.rtf)

You are able to send multiple attachments within the same email, but the maximum size of the email cannot exceed 20MB in total. All print outs will be A4 in size. Please use [email protected] to print your documents in black and white. Please use [email protected] to print your documents in colour.

You will not be able to send password protected documents. Job codes will only be valid for 36 hours. It can take up 15 minutes for your documents to be converted and ready to print once you receive your job code.

Please note our public print facility does not do A3 printing.

We do not ask for any personal identifiable information from a user to facilitate public guest printing.

We do not sell information to third parties and we do not provide information to third parties for the purposes of marketing products to you. Any information we are provided will be used by all parties mentioned above for management information reports and monitoring of the service.

All emails sent to [email protected] or [email protected] will be deleted by the System Administrator for Northamptonshire Libraries on a monthly basis.

The email and associated attachment will be held by UniFlow for 36 hours. It will then be automatically deleted. If the email did not contain an attachment or the attachment was an invalid file type, it will be automatically deleted within 30 minutes of being received.

Email is an inherently unsecure technology. For this reason consumer industry advice is to never send any personal identifiable information via email. Such advice comes from the Information Commissioner’s Office and Which / Citizens Advice. Secure email technologies (encryption) do exist but typically only within organisations or between trusted organisations (such as the private internet link between different county councils meaning that all emails send between the two are in essences, 'secure'). As we are not in control of a customer’s email provider / ISP / PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphones, all emails from customers should be considered as 'insecure'.

Last updated 01 April 2023