Computers, printing and photocopying

Computer user agreement

By using computer and printing facilities in this library, you agree that you have read and accepted our library computer user agreement. If you do not agree to and accept this computer user agreement please do not use our facilities.

If you are unsure about anything please speak with a member of library staff.

The Northamptonshire Libraries uses a content filter for all internet users which blocks some types of websites and services. However, no filter is 100% effective and you must take care to use the web safely and responsibly. We want you to feel safe and to enjoy using the web.

These computers are for general public use of:

  • the free e-library service providing access to a huge range of web-based information and online services.
  • the computer hire service providing access to Microsoft Office applications
  • chargeable printing facilities are available for both e-library and computer hire services

By using this computer you agree:

  • to supervise the use of these computers by any children you are responsible for
  • to accept responsibility for the sites you visit
  • to accept that this is a public place, used by people of all ages, beliefs and abilities and to use computers reasonably with respect to this 
  • to take care of personal information and documents, for example saving your documents on to personal memory sticks and closing websites where you have entered personal information
  • to treat other library service users, library staff, library volunteers and the computers and printing facilities with care and respect
  • to accept that the library monitors computer use and that staff have the right to ask you about the sites you visit and your behaviour, and the right to require you to leave the library if you break this agreement
  • not to access or do anything illegal, inappropriate, pornographic, offensive, or that breaches intellectual property rights
  • not to do anything that hurts other people
  • not to use, or try to access, services which you are not entitled to use
  • not to access live television as Northamptonshire Libraries and Information Service does not hold a TV Licence 

This policy applies at all times and for all users.

Northamptonshire Libraries and Information Service accept no liability for material contained in websites owned and / or operated by outside organisations and accepts no responsibility for any purchases or other contracts entered into with online providers.

Last updated 05 January 2023