Prevent duty guidance

Prevent duty guidance

All education settings must prevent young people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism, as outlined in the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015.

Keeping children safe in education 2024 states that the Prevent duty should be part of schools' and colleges' wider safeguarding obligations. 


Designated safeguarding leads, deputies and other senior leaders should familiarise themselves with the revised prevent duty guidance, especially paragraphs 141-210, which focus on education and childcare. The guidance covers 3 general themes: leadership and partnership, capabilities, and reducing permissive environments.

The designated safeguarding lead and deputies should know local procedures for making a Prevent referral. You can request the Northamptonshire prevent referral pathway and prevent concern flow diagram for a vulnerable pupil by emailing [email protected].

Risks assessment

A Prevent risk assessment and action plan is a legal requirement for all education settings, as outlined in the Revised Prevent Duty Guidance. It involves evaluating how learners or staff might be vulnerable to radicalisation, including online risks. If specific risks are identified, the settings must create an action plan detailing the steps they will take to reduce these risks.

Schools don't have to create a separate policy just for Prevent risk assessment; it can be included in a broader organisational policy as long as it addresses relevant Prevent risks and how they'll be managed.

Government guidance on risk assessment and the prevent self-assessment toolkit for Schools provide additional advice to help embed their Prevent Duty responsibilities and strengthen any areas of weakness.

Prevent referral

The Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) website provides a range of information about the signs and symptoms of radicalisation. Identifying worrying actions or behaviours early on allows for timely help and support to steer individuals away from extremism.

You can make a referral by:

Last updated 01 July 2024