Planning enforcement

Comments and consultation extended

We have extended the time period for public comment and consultation on three applications submitted by Stanton Cross Developments

Report a breach of planning control

Complaints should preferably be made using our online form.

Alternatively, you may choose to email or write to us about a breach of planning control. If you do, please provide:

  • your name
  • address
  • phone number
  • email
  • complaint site address/location
  • details of what is happening (the breach)
  • how it affects you
  • the developer’s name/address (if known)


Planning Enforcement,
North Northamptonshire Council (Corby Office),
Deene House,
New Post Office Square,
NN17 1GD

Email: [email protected]


Planning Enforcement,
North Northamptonshire Council (Kettering Office),
Municipal Offices,
Bowling Green Road,
NN15 7QX

Email: [email protected]

Thrapston (formerly East Northants):

Planning Enforcement,
North Northamptonshire Council (Thrapston Office),
Cedar Drive,
NN14 4LZ

Email: [email protected] 


Planning Enforcement,
North Northamptonshire Council (Wellingborough Office),
Swanspool House,
Doddington Road,

Email: [email protected]

Enforcement cases are confidential, and we do not disclose the identity of the person who has reported their concerns to us. However, in rare cases, we may need to reveal the identity of a complainant to support the Council’s case if we take formal enforcement action and there is a subsequent appeal.

We may also need to reveal a complainant’s identity to the court if a breach of planning legislation leads to a prosecution.

We will operate to local performance targets for enforcement. We will monitor our success against the following:

  • all letters or emails received that suggest a breach of planning control may have taken place will be acknowledged within 5 working days 
  • a site inspection will be carried out in line with the prioritisation scheme in our Enforcement Policy
  • within 20 working days of an acknowledgement, we will contact the complainant to explain our findings, and what action is proposed
  • where a formal notice is served, we will let the complainant know within 5 working days of service of the notice

Because of the potential complexity of some enforcement cases, it is difficult to prescribe timescales beyond acknowledging an enquiry and making the initial site visit. We will keep the complainant updated at regular intervals and key stages throughout the life of the case and they are always welcome to discuss the matter with the investigating officer.

Whilst it is difficult to prescribe timescales, the planning enforcement service will seek to deliver appropriate outcomes that are both robust and as timely as possible.

All legitimately made complaints will be investigated, however the Council cannot take enforcement action just because there is a breach of planning control. It must also be able to demonstrate that the breach results in an unacceptable level of harm to public amenity or Development Plan policies.

Often unauthorised development can be resolved by the submission of an application.

We would be unlikely to take formal enforcement action against something we would have granted planning permission for in the first place.

Last updated 20 July 2023