Planning enforcement


Planning permission for development work

You need planning permission to carry out certain development work, whether that's building work or an activity. Development work without planning permission is a breach of planning control.

This is dealt with by Planning Enforcement and you may need to put any alterations back to how they were originally.

Other types of breach include:

Enforcement is a discretionary power - it is not something that automatically happens. Where possible, we will attempt to resolve breaches without formal or legal action, but by negotiation and voluntary action by the people concerned. This is usually successful. However, if no progress is made, formal action may be taken.

There are time limits for taking action where there has been a breach of planning control.

Full details, including the process involved, the different types of notice and how to appeal can be found in our Enforcement Policy (Section 34.0 Enforcement Policy Schedule: Planning and Development.

Last updated 20 July 2023