Deferred payment schemes for adult social care


Early repayment

You can pay off the debt at any time.

This could be done using the proceeds from selling your home, an inheritance or getting another person to pay off the accrued debt. 

Once fully repaid, we will stop our involvement in your case and your care home will start to invoice you directly for the full cost of your care.

You can make partial repayments if needed and this could reduce the amount of interest you need to pay.

Not repaying or making contributions

Failure to repay or make the required contributions could result in debt recovery proceedings.

We could make a claim to the County Court for a judgement to recover the debt.

We will try to resolve any repayment issues before doing this. If you are having issues repaying you must contact us as soon as possible to discuss your repayment options.

Last updated 15 November 2022