Skip licence

All skip companies requiring a licence or permit can apply online.

You can create an account and then log in to our form platform to view all previous submissions.

If you are a member of the public you cannot apply directly to the council for a skip licence. You will need to contact a local skip company who will do this on your behalf.

On the highway

​If you require a skip to be placed on any part of the highway (this may be the footway, verge or the edge of the carriageway), the skip company will apply to us for the necessary licence.

If you are unsure the selected skip company will complete the appropriate checks before they proceed with your request.

Lights and traffic cones

​If the skip is placed on the highway, lights will be needed and possibly traffic cones. These will be supplied and maintained by the skip company as part of the conditions when the licence is granted.


​If possible, skips should be placed within property boundaries, for example a front garden, as no licence is required and you may approach any skip company of your choice.

​Sometimes the proposed location is not suitable in which case the application will not be approved.


​The licence fee to the skip company will be £30 per week.

There is an additional fee of £150 per week for skips located in pedestrian areas of larger towns.

The skip company will add the appropriate fee to the overall cost of hiring the skip.

​You can have a skip for as long as you need it.

​An extension to the licence can be obtained by your chosen skip company. They will contact us to arrange the extension on your behalf.

Last updated 03 January 2024