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Council Tax direct debits have been collected two business days earlier than scheduled for residents living in the Wellingborough area. Guidance and support

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Housing policies

Council housing strategy

The Council will produce a new Housing Strategy for North Northamptonshire in 2021 which will describe the challenges faced by local people who are looking for a home of their own and set out the main elements of the Council’s strategic approach to meeting housing needs.

Homelessness and rough sleeping strategy 2019-2024

The North Northamptonshire Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2019-2024 was developed and approved by the former sovereign councils of North Northamptonshire. This document will shortly be revised to take account of the priorities set out in the Council’s new Housing Strategy.

Discharge of Homelessness Duties policy

The Discharge of Homelessness Duties (Accommodation Offers) policy sets out how the Council will seek to discharge its duties through offers of accommodation to homeless households (in both the social and private rented housing sectors) which must comply with the relevant suitability requirements.

Temporary accommodation policy

The Temporary Accommodation policy sets out how the Council will meet its statutory duties and exercise its powers in relation to the provision (and withdrawal of) of suitable temporary accommodation for homeless households. This includes when temporary accommodation will be provided, and how different types of temporary accommodation will be allocated and prioritised.

Homelessness Prevention Fund policy

The Homelessness Prevention Fund policy sets out when households who are owed certain homelessness duties could be considered for a payment from the Fund. This payment may enable them to remain in existing accommodation, secure alternative accommodation, or prevent or delay the provision of temporary accommodation.

How homeless households will be helped to secure alternative accommodation in the private rented sector is detailed in the Private Rented Sector Access Fund Policy.

Private sector housing policy

The private sector housing policy sets out the areas the Council covers in relation to private sector housing including disabled facility grants and other grants, empty properties, immigration inspections and houses in multiple occupation, in addition to support for tenants. Information is included on the application process and conditions relating to grant funding and minimum standards for houses in multiple occupation. The document should be read in conjunction with the Council's joint enforcement policy.

Private Rented Sector Access Fund policy

The Private Rented Sector Access Fund policy sets out when households who are owed certain homelessness duties could be considered for a payment from the Fund to secure suitable and affordable accommodation in the private rented sector (it also details that the Fund will be used to make offers of suitable private rented sector accommodation to discharge certain homelessness duties).

Keyways housing allocation scheme

The Keyways housing allocation scheme sets out how we allocate social housing.

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