Rent a council garage

Rent a council garage

You will be considered for a garage if you are:

  • above 18 years old
  • a resident in North Northamptonshire council 
  • not in any council rent or tax arrears 


Make sure that:

  • rent is paid at least 1 month in advance and your account is kept in credit at all times
  • the garage is used for the storage of a car or motorcycle and no other purpose
  • the garage is kept securely locked
  • vehicles are not parked in front of the garage
  • you don't sublet the garage to someone else
  • you notify the us of any change of home address or contact number without delay
  • replace any lost keys at your own cost

You are allowed a maximum of 3 garages.

You may add additional locks to secure your garage, however these locks should remain in place and the keys handed in when the tenancy is ended.


Corby area
  • £7.15 per week for a council tenant or leaseholder
  • £8.58 per week for non-council tenants
Kettering area
  • £11.35 per week for council tenants or leaseholders
  • £13.62 per week for non-tenants

 Some larger garages may cost slightly more


You can join the waiting list for a garage online.

We're currently reviewing how we let our garages - but you can still apply and when a garage in your area becomes available we'll be in contact.

Last updated 17 April 2024