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Contracts register

The Contract Register is a record of the contracts we hold with a value of £5,000 or more, in line with the council's Contract Procedure Rules.

The Contract Register is updated on a bi-monthly in arrears basis to reflect live contracts and includes information on their total values, what they are for and who the supplier is.

In line with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 key details for Council Contracts above £5,000 will be provided. 

Please note, some framework contracts have expired dates however, due to ongoing delivery of services under the framework, meaning these will remain on the published contract register until the services have ceased.

This will depend on the value of the contract and any other circumstances.

For example, in the event of an emergency, there may not be enough time to follow a full process. Otherwise our standard processes are as follows:


Procurement Process

Goods, Services and Works up to £5,000

At least one written quotation required.

Officers should ensure they achieve value for money.

Goods, Services and Works from £5,000 up to £100,000

Seek to obtain at least three (3) written Quotations. Advertising on Contracts Finder is recommended.

Goods, Services and Works from 100,000 to National Threshold

Seek to obtain at least three (3) written Quotations. Advertising on Contracts Finder is mandatory.

Goods, Services and Works  above National Threshold

Procurement must be run in accordance with the Regulations.

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Last updated 30 September 2021