No Mow May

We are taking part in No Mow May and continuing to deliver our Pollinator Strategy by allowing habitats to flourish in selecting sites, whilst maintaining road safety and visibility, and continued public use of our green spaces.

‘No Mow May’ is an annual campaign by Plantlife, which calls on all garden owners and green space managers not to mow during May in order to provide more food for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Open spaces

Significant areas of open spaces featuring longer grassed areas will be left uncut throughout the growing season from April to October, resulting in grassland meadow which benefits the environment whilst still allowing park users to use the spaces for other purposes.


Verges provide important habitats for a variety of species of insects and animals across North Northamptonshire so we're finding the right balance between natural habitats and road safety. Verge cutting will be kept to a minimum across the rural network and other strategic areas but with safety sites will still receive a cut in May, July and September to maintain visibility for road users. Other roads will receive an average of 1 to 3 cuts between April and the end of September.

When cutting verges outside urban areas, we only cut a 1.2 metre wide swath so that most of the verge area is left uncut behind. This leaves a permanently untouched habitat for flora and fauna. Shorter cut grass also has benefits for certain species which thrive in shorter cut grass areas - so it's important that variety is in place across North Northamptonshire.


Locations include:

  • Bassets Close - Wellingborough
  • Becks Green, play area - Corby
  • Bonnington Walk - Corby
  • Brickhill Road - Wellingborough
  • Castlefields Park - Wellingborough
  • Cheyne Walk open space
  • Colyers Avenue - Corby
  • Croyland Park - Wellingborough
  • Dale End open space - Wellingborough
  • Danesholme open space - Corby
  • Doddington Road cemetery (outskirts) - Wellingborough
  • Gainsborough Drive open space - Wellingborough
  • Hemingwell open space - Wellingborough
  • Honiton Gardens - Corby
  • Hoylake open space - Wellingborough
  • Lyvedon Way, Buttercup open space
  • Kilborn Road & Weir Close - Wellingborough
  • Manor Park - Rothwell
  • Monks Way - Wellingborough
  • North Park Drive - Kettering
  • Olympic Way open space
  • Park Farm amenity areas - Wellingborough
  • Queensway Park - Wellingborough
  • Redwell leisure - Wellingborough
  • Rockingham Road Pleasure Park - Kettering
  • Seatons Crescent - Corby 
  • Stanwell Way open space - Wellingborough
  • Stephenson Way, Corby
  • The Embankment, Wellingborough 
  • Valley Walk open space
  • West Glebe Park, Corby 
  • Wilbarston verges

Last updated 06 June 2024