Air quality

We are required by law to review the air quality in our area to assess whether air quality standards and objectives are being achieved. These reports are submitted to DEFRA:

Areas where standards fall short must be declared as 'Air Quality Management Areas'. There are currently no Air Quality Management Areas in place in North Northamptonshire.


Air quality must be considered as part of planning applications. The East Midlands Air Quality Network (EMAQN) developed a guidance document for developers, which aims to improve air quality.

This document should be considered by developers in advance of applying for planning permission, in order to consider and mitigate the impacts of air quality by the proposed development.

The guidance document is used by East Northamptonshire, Kettering and Corby areas. This was has been formally adopted as a Supplementary Planning Guidance Document (SPD) in Wellingborough.

Previous councils

Reports for previous councils:

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Last updated 03 January 2024