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Lost and stray dogs


Lost and stray dogs

Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog, please let our wardens know by reporting it below. If we find your dog, we can then get in contact with you.

Stray dogs

If you have found and caught a stray dog, our wardens can collect it - but you may need to keep a hold of it until the next working day. Report it below.

If you can identify the dog's owner, it's worth contacting them directly to collect the dog and avoid it getting placed in a kennel.

Some vets will scan a stray dog to see if it is microchipped. If it is chipped the vet will try to contact the owner. You could try this as long as you are happy to transport the dog.

Our wardens can't collect dogs that are running loose.

Keeping stray dogs

You are legally required to notify the nearest police station or dog warden when find a stray dog.

The dog is someone else's property and the owner may be desperately missing it, so we do not rehome stray dogs to members of the public.

If the dog is not claimed after the period of 7 days, it will be re-homed at that point.

Report it

Report lost or stray dogs by selecting your local area:

If your area isn't listed, you may be a resident of West Northamptonshire.

Last updated 06 September 2022