Coroners and contact

Coroners investigate sudden, suspicious and violent deaths. Some deaths need to be reported to a coroner before:

  • the death can be registered at the registration office
  • the funeral to go ahead


A death would normally be reported to a coroner (usually by doctors or the police) if the:

  • deceased was not seen by the doctor issuing the medical certificate after death nor within 28 days before death
  • cause of death is unknown
  • cause of death is believed to be unnatural or suspicious
  • death occurred during an operation or before recovery from an anaesthetic
  • death was due to industrial disease or industrial poisoning
  • death happened in custody
  • there is no doctor who can issue a medical certificate of cause of death

The registrar can't go ahead with registration until the coroner has decided if further investigation is needed. In most cases, no more investigation is needed and the registration can be completed. In some cases, an inquest is carried out.

North and West Northamptonshire coroners

Our Senior Coroner is Anne Pember.

Our Assistant Coroners:

  • Hassan Shah
  • Jonathan Dixey
  • Chris Stark
  • Elizabeth Wheeler
  • Sophie Lomas


To discuss an existing case please contact Northampton Coroner’s Office: 

Last updated 04 April 2024