Twin towns and cities


Twinning in the Kettering area

Burton Latimer

Burton Latimer is twinned with Altendiez in Germany.


Desborough is twinned with Neuville de Poitou in France and Bievre in Belgium and is a founder member of the European Charter of Rural Communities.


The Borough of Kettering is twinned with Lahnstein in Germany and has sister city links with Kettering, Ohio, USA.


Contact was first made with Lahnstein in 1955, when pupils and staff from the Kettering Grammar School took part in the first of several exchange visits with the Staatliches Gymnasium Oberlahnstein.

In order to consolidate the present school partnership between Oberlahnstein and Kettering and to ensure a long continuance of the partnership between the towns of Kettering and Oberlahnstein.

In the interest of the plan for establishing a European Community, with the aim of forming a greater understanding and trust between all peoples it would give the town of Oberlahnstein exceptional pleasure should your council take kindly to this suggestion of mine."
Message from the Burgermeister, delivered to the Mayor of Kettering by the Grammar School Party upon their return from a visit to Lahnstein in 1959

This suggestion was discussed by the Borough Council and a reply sent to Oberlahnstein in December 1959, agreeing to a partnership being formed between the two towns.

Various council representatives, schools and private individuals took part in visits in both directions between 1959 and 1971, by which time 'twinning' had really gained momentum, hence the delegation of responsibility by the Borough Council to the existing Twinning Committee who established Aims and Objectives.


The town of Lahnstein is located at the confluence of the rivers Lahn and Rhine, in the heart of the famous Rhine Valley wine producing region of Germany. It is a mixture of ancient and modern, with much of the original town wall and a number of towers still intact. There are several buildings dating from the Middle Ages, such as Burg Lahneck which overlooks the town and Martin Castle and St Johns Church which stands on the banks of the River Rhine. Buildings such as these are in complete contrast to the modern Civic Centre, swimming pools, indoor tennis courts and various other buildings in the town.

Lahnstein is equidistant from the major cities of Bonn, Cologne and Frankfurt and two miles south of Koblenz, where the river Moselle, with its equally attractive scenery joins the River Rhine.

Situated between the Hunsruck, Westerwald, Taunus and Eifel mountain ranges together with its modern Spa Centre and other leisure facilities, Lahnstein provides an ideal central location with a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor activities.


Greg Titcombe
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Honorary General Secretary
Barbara Murkitt
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Further information is also available from the British-German Association.

Apart from visits to Ohio, the UK Committee arranges a social programme throughout the year including visits, barbecues, meals and informal meetings, some with an American theme.

If you are interested in promoting the link between the two Ketterings, in having the opportunity to experience what life in the United States is really like and in making new friends, you can join their Association. You can make further enquiries or obtain a membership form by contacting David Page, Chairman on 01536 790932.


Rothwell is twinned with Droue in France.


Wilbarston is twinned with Weinahr in Germany.

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