Cremation rules

There are restrictions in place that impact cremations we carry out, as we need to follow environmental law and the permit issued to us. Emissions from the crematorium are checked. If we don't follow these rules, the permit can be revoked and we won't be able to operate.


The deceased must be dressed in light natural clothing such as cotton. Manmade fibres such as fleece and nylon can't be used.

Other items

To comply with the law, the coffin can contain:

  • letters
  • flowers
  • photographs

No other items can be placed in the coffin with the deceased.

Taking action

Formal action including prosecution can be taken against those who go against these rules, including any funeral director involved and the family of the deceased.

If you are unsure of any aspect of these rules and guidance, please discuss your concerns with your funeral director as they ultimately have responsibility for ensuring the coffin conforms to the legal requirements for cremation.

Last updated 11 July 2023