Chair of the Council

Councillor Barbara Jenney
Councillor Barbara Jenney

Councillor Barbara Jenney is the current Chair of North Northamptonshire Council. She is supported by the Vice Chair, Councillor Lora Lawman

The Chair is elected annually to the role of Civic Head of the Council at the Annual Council meeting in May. They have a responsibility to chair and preside over Full Council meetings, ensuring they run effectively and efficiently.

The Chair holds a politically impartial role.


They also attend civic and ceremonial events as well as other functions including graduation ceremonies, church services and charity events.

Our Civic Office accepts invitations on behalf of the Chair to attend events.

These can be emailed to [email protected].

Previous Chairs

Previous Chairs of the Council have been:

  • Councillor Larry Henson
  • Councillor Paul Bell

Last updated 27 May 2023