Register of interests

Register of interests

All members of North Northamptonshire Council (as well as town and parish councils) must complete a register of interests form to register their financial and other interests within 28 days of being elected.

Councillors must provide:

  • Any employment, office, trade, profession or vocation carried on by you for profit or gain
  • Anyone who paid towards their expenses
  • Contracts between themselves or a body of beneficial interest and the Council
  • Interests in any land or property in the area
  • Any licences to occupy land in the area
  • Any tenancies held where the Council is the landlord
  • Membership of organisations, including bodies to which they have been appointed by the council
  • Any offer of gifts or hospitality of a value of £50 or over that they have received in their capacity as a member

Members must notify the Monitoring Officer of any changes that occur during the term of office within 28 days of any notifiable change.

North Northamptonshire Council

The register of interests for North Northamptonshire Councillors can be found under their individual profiles.

Town and parish councils

Register of interests for town and parish councillors can be found on our town and parish pages.

Gifts and hospitality

To protect the position of Councillors and the Council's reputation, members should be cautious accepting any gifts or hospitality which are (or which you reasonably believe to be) offered to them because they are a Councillor.

Councillors should not accept gifts or hospitality, irrespective of estimated value, which could give rise to a real or substantive personal gain or a reasonable suspicion of influence.

Any gifts or hospitality with an estimate value of at least £50 are declarable and will be entered into the Councillor’s register of interests.

Last updated 22 December 2021