Our carbon neutral journey

We aim to be carbon neutral by 2030. As an organisation we believe that climate change and looking after the environment must be the ‘green thread’ running through our mission.

Gritter on road


All of our winter gritting fleet is using Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) instead of diesel


Carbon storage

20 urban parks identified in Wellingborough suitable for a variety of living things for capturing and storing carbon

Planting a tree


6,524 trees planted during 2022/23 across North Northamptonshire

People reading books


37 members and 70 staff completed a Carbon Literacy Course

Leaf blower


35% of our power-driven hand tools are now electric


Procurement and supply chains

Carbon reduction and sustainability questions added to procurement process for contracts of £100K or more

Light bulb in forest


Energy consumption of IT equipment has been reduced by 34,944kWh - a carbon savings of 13.59 metric tonnes

Planting trees

Carbon sequestration and biodiversity

We have identified 15 council owned properties or pieces of land where we can plant trees or enhance biodiversity

Electric van being charged


18% of our newly ordered fleet is electric

Last updated 19 October 2023