Carbon Management Plan 2022

Procurement and supply chains

To ensure the council secures value for money, we must follow appropriate procurement legislation and guidance. But we also need to ensure that how and what is procured reflects the council’s values and priorities, one of which is the reduction of carbon emissions.

This is also key if the council is going to influence the reduction of its Scope 3 emissions by way of its spending decisions. This includes:

  • purchase of goods and services
  • capital works and equipment
  • transportation
  • waste and disposal
  • investments.

A number of council services are delivered by external providers, whose carbon emissions are outside the scope of the council's direct control, however the council is well placed to incorporate sustainability targets as part of its procurement contracts, as evidenced as part of the recently re-procured Highways contract, which provides for a number contractual arrangements for emission reductions. The council is also committed to exploring ways in which we can make better use of local suppliers who have a commitment to reduce carbon emissions, promote green practices and reflect our holistic view.

For providers themselves, there could be the potential to support their services and community endeavours while off-setting the council’s own emissions. Such low carbon opportunities could also reduce costs for the council.

Short term (1 to 2 years)

  • Include low carbon considerations in the council’s purchasing decisions
  • consider low carbon options and proposals as part of the design and procurement of construction projects
  • develop a range of carbon reduction related questions as part of procurement processes
  • review all existing environmental questions asked as part of procurement processes
  • assess government guidance on carbon reduction and the environment to add to our procurement processes
  • develop the council’s scope 3 reporting arrangements.

Medium term (2 to 5 years)

  • ​​Low carbon energy contracts for key services introduced as part of contract renewal
  • more large contracts for local businesses where possible, based on circular economy principles.

Long term (5 years plus)

  • Actively support zero carbon supply chains
  • Use local, sustainable supply chains.

Last updated 06 January 2023