Carbon Management Plan 2022


The impact that behaviour change can have on reducing carbon emissions should not be underestimated. The council is committed to promoting energy saving practices as an organisation and working to remove barriers which prevent staff from reducing carbon emissions. This includes providing resources and training to help embed carbon neutral practices within the council.

We have a number of goals in place which will help us to change behaviour in a way which supports a low carbon lifestyle. The success of our plans will be based on the percentage of North Northamptonshire Council staff who are formally trained in carbon literacy.

Short term (1 to 2 years)

  • Integrate carbon literacy into staff induction and management
  • develop a new marketing and communication plan, with a focus on social media, to highlight the council’s carbon neutral approach and goals
  • raise awareness of the benefits of reducing carbon emissions
  • make sure that all service plans consider their carbon impact
  • promote energy saving practices amongst staff, and monitor its adoption.

Medium term (2 to 5 years)

  • Review human resource policies
  • review technology and working arrangements.

Long term (5 years plus)

  • Review co-benefits of carbon reduction for staff
  • review opportunities to support staff to reduce carbon emissions
  • review how effective co-operation and partnerships are to achieve a low carbon lifestyle.

Last updated 05 January 2023