Climate and sustainability

Sustainability in the home

You can live more sustainably at home by changing your habits and behaviour. 

Tips to help you make a difference at home:

  • Find out more about sustainability in the home. Calculate your household's carbon footprint 

  • Choose locally grown organic food to help support wildlife or have a go at growing your own. The North Northants Sustainable Food Network also offers loads of helpful tips on making more sustainable food choices  

  • Discover ways to save water at home, such as washing your clothes less often, turning off the tap while doing the washing up or brushing your teeth 

  • Take your broken electronic items to a local repair cafe rather than buying new 

  • Donate, Reuse or Recycle unwanted household items, clothing, and furniture and dispose of batteries responsibly  

  • There are many ways to support biodiversity. You can help, even if you don’t have a garden or any outside space. Whatever space you have, The Wildlife Trusts has tips on how to grow a wild patch or ‘mini’ meadow   

  • The Woodland Trust has a tree donation scheme for individuals with large areas of land for tree planting  

  • Apply for a green homes grant to make your home more energy efficient  

  • Switch to an energy supplier that offers a green tariff and consider installing a Smart Meter to allow you to monitor your energy usage 

  • Travel – consider staying local for your holiday this year and download the DiscoverNN app to plan a day out

  • Get a home composting bin to help cut down on food waste and a water butt to harvest rainwater for your garden

  • If you’re thinking of switching to an electric vehicle, but you don’t have off-street parking, we're working to install EV charging points throughout the local community to help transition to zero emission transport

Last updated 08 December 2023