Community transport

Community transport is specifically designed to help those who are unable to use public transport. This may be because of age, disability, or lack of public transport service.

Community transport schemes are operated directly by community organisations. Each organisation offers different levels of service. The services are provided by voluntary, non-profit making organisations. Residents should contact their local community transport scheme for more information.


Each of the community transport schemes set their own fares. Some schemes accept concessionary bus passes to cover the journey cost. You will be required to pay the service provider directly, and contact the relevant service for further information.

Community minibus schemes

Local volunteers are used to provide regular, scheduled bus services based on local need. These help people who live in more remote or isolated communities.

​Organisation​Telephone number
​Rushton​01536 418 047


Dial-a-Ride schemes help people to shop and use local amenities, such as a post office or bank. Vehicles can normally accommodate wheelchairs.

Passengers need to register with the service in their area to book a journey in advance by telephoning their local scheme.

​Organisation​Telephone number
Wellibus​01933 223636

Voluntary car schemes

Voluntary car schemes operate with volunteer drivers using their own vehicles to take passengers to pre-booked destinations. These are often for medical appointments, but can also be for other reasons.

The schemes typically charge an annual membership fee. The passenger then pays the driver for any trips - this is calculated on mileage. 

Passengers book a journey in advance with the scheme co-ordinator who matches up the travel requirement with the drivers available. Drivers collect passengers from their home, taking them to their appointment and returning them back home.

​Organisation​Telephone number
​Earls Barton Car Scheme​07944 171188
Kettering Volunteer Car Service​01933 272735
​Oundle Volunteer Car Scheme01832 275433
Rushden Volunteer Car Scheme01933 315555
​Wellingborough Volunteer Car Service01933 272735

Last updated 09 February 2023