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Missed bin collections

Your bin needs to be presented before 6:30am on your scheduled collection day. If your bin is not out on time we will not return to collect it and it will emptied on your next scheduled collection day in two weeks time.

If your bin was out on time and we have missed it, you will need to report it within 72 hours from your scheduled collection. Once your report has been received and missed bin confirmed, we will empty your bin as soon as we can.

Tagged bins

If your bin has been tagged, we will explain what the problem is and come back to collect your bin as normal on your next scheduled collection so long as the problem has been sorted out.

  • General refuse: We won't empty extra bins unless they have been authorised by us. If your bin is too heavy for the vehicle to empty, we will tag it. We will not collect this bin until the next scheduled collection (so long as the heavy items have been removed)
  • Recycling: If you have put the wrong items in your recycling bin we can’t empty it
  • Garden waste: This bin is for compostable garden waste only. If you have put the wrong items in it we can’t empty it
  • Food waste: If the wrong items are in our food caddies we can't empty them

Garden waste

Garden waste is a subscribed service - so we will only return if you have a live subscription.

There are delays to garden waste collections in the Wellingborough area. The following streets will have collections on Saturday 3 June.


  • Hardwick Lodge Lane
  • Hardwick Village
  • Manor Farm Close


  • Althorp Close
  • Ashby Close
  • Ashton Grove
  • Balharvie Road
  • Barnwell Gardens
  • Beaumont Road
  • Blaydon Walk
  • Blenheim Road
  • Brampton Close
  • Bunnet Road
  • Carnelian Avenue
  • Chatsworth Drive
  • Chepstow Drive
  • Churchill Avenue
  • Crawley Avenue
  • Curtis Mews
  • Denford Way
  • Eleanor Drive
  • Fitzhugh Rise
  • Flint Grove
  • Gabriel Way
  • Gedrite Close
  • Glenvale Drive
  • Grafton Close
  • Gretton Court
  • Haddon Close
  • Hamlet Street
  • Hatfield Close
  • Holcot Close
  • Horatio Avenue
  • Hoylake
  • Hubert Road
  • Hulme Way
  • Juliet Rise
  • Juniper Grove
  • Kilborn Close
  • Kilborn Road
  • Knollys Meadow
  • Larimar Road
  • Lowick Close
  • Lyle Court
  • Lytham Court
  • Marlborough Avenue
  • Mostyn Street
  • Muirfield Road
  • Naseby Close
  • Orton Place
  • Palmer Close
  • Peridot Drive
  • Pinnels Road
  • Prospero Drive
  • Rockingham Dene
  • Romeo Way
  • Sparke Close
  • Taylor Close
  • Tewkesbury Close
  • Tresham Grove
  • Troon Crescent
  • Tudor Way
  • Turnberry Court
  • Vardon Close
  • Watson Close
  • Weldon Close
  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Westminster Road
  • White Delves
  • Woodstock Close

Report a missed collection

Select your local area to report a missed bin:

If your area isn't listed, you may be a resident of West Northamptonshire.

Last updated 02 June 2023