Managed moves

A managed move is the transfer of a pupil to another mainstream school permanently. Managed moves should only happen when it is in the pupil’s best interests.

Temporary moves

If a temporary move is needed to improve a pupil’s behaviour, then off-site direction (as described in paragraphs 33 to 42 of the Suspension and Permanent Exclusion guidance (September 2023) provided by the Department for Education (DfE).

DfE guidance

In some cases, your child’s school may decide it is best for your child to move to another school permanently following an off-site direction placement. This is known as a managed move.

Managed moves should be voluntary and have your agreement before they take place. Your child’s school should not pressure you into agreeing to one. If you feel pressured into agreeing to a managed move, it is very important that you raise this with the school’s governing board.

A managed move should only occur when it is in your child’s best interests and all parties, including the new school and you, agree it would be best for your child to move to another school permanently.

Schools should not use a ‘trial period’ or ‘trial admission’ for managed moves, as a managed move is a permanent move to another school.

If your child has an EHC plan, their school should contact the local authority prior to the move and if the local authority, both schools and you are in agreement that there should be a managed move, the local authority will need to follow the process for changing an EHC plan.
The DfE guide for parents on school behaviour and exclusion

Last updated 06 September 2023