Accessibility, health and wellbeing in our libraries

Breastfeeding in libraries

We welcome you to breastfeed in any of our libraries.


Our computers have a wide range of assistive software available including:

  • magnifier and zoom
  • personalisation of the screen using colour and contrast
  • text to speech function (headphones required)
  • default internet browser, Microsoft Edge, which has inbuilt accessibility support tools

Dementia and autism friendly signage

Our libraries have floor plans located by the entrance and directional signage throughout the library. This will make it easier for our customers to navigate their way around the space. 

All our shelf guiding is printed on a contrasting colour, in a bold typeface and with pictorial images to ensure they are a clear and easily visible.

Dyslexia support

Dyslexia support includes:

  • eReads and eAudio
    • borrow eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers via our eLibrary, all free with your library membership
    • eBooks have accessibility options that may help people with dyslexia, including a dyslexia friendly font, different lighting options and the ability to change the text size. Different player speed means you can enjoy eAudiobooks at your own pace
  • overlays – coming soon!
    • all Northamptonshire Libraries offer coloured page overlays which you can use when visiting the library. These are helpful for some people with dyslexia, visual stress and other conditions who may struggle with black print on a white background
    • the overlays are placed over a page to make it easier to read. Please ask library staff if you wish to borrow one when visiting a library
  • Dyslexia friendly books 
    • Northamptonshire Libraries offer a range of dyslexia friendly books for children. These are easily identified as they are labelled with a dyslexia friendly sticker
    • for adults, we have a range of Quick Reads, which are short books written in an accessible and easy to read style
  • large print books
    • we stock a wide range of large print fiction and non-fiction books. You can search the library catalogue for all large print titles we currently stock
    • we are always updating our stock with popular titles and authors. If you can't find a title you want, ask at your local library. It may not be available in large print format but we will consider buying it if it is

Library from home

If you love to read, but are unable to get to the library yourself, we may be able to arrange a delivery for you with Library from home.

Quieter hour 

Quieter hour aims to help our customers with sensory needs and their families enjoy the library. There will be no events during this time and staff will aim to keep noise levels to a minimum. We will encourage other library users to respect this quieter time. Find the details of quieter hour in your nearest library.

Reading Well Books on Prescription

Get help to understand and manage your health and wellbeing using Reading Well Books on Prescription.

Last updated 17 May 2024