Road safety training at work

Working drivers training

Driving is a lifelong skill and the most dangerous activity that most of us do every day. 

Effective management of work-related road safety helps reduce risk and could result in:

  • fewer injuries to drivers
  • reduced risk of work-related ill health
  • reduced stress and improved moral
  • fewer ‘at-fault’ insurance claims
  • reduced fuel bills
  • savings on consumables (for example, tyres and brakes)

As drivers we should never stop learning and additional practical driver training can help to increase confidence, improve driving skills and reduce the risk of being involved in a collision.

Improving your driving skills can:

  • improve confidence and ability
  • improve concentration
  • help drivers to better analyse and anticipate the actions of other road users
  • develop a positive attitude towards driving
  • help to create space and giving you time to deal with mistakes made by yourself and others


This training is designed to challenge the widely held beliefs and myths surrounding alcohol and driving. It is delivered in the workplace and can be tailored to your company requirements.

By the end of the training, we will address questions such as:

  • what is a unit of alcohol
  • how long will it stay in your system
  • how can you ensure you are alcohol-free when driving
  • what are the consequences of drink driving
  • what is the new drug limit
  • what are the penalties
  • how to recognise alcohol and drug use in the workplace
  • current changes in legislation including the Highway Code and Smart Motorways

We are also able to provide on-road eco-driver training using your own vehicles. It’s estimated that this type of effective driver training can typically reduce fleet costs by up to 20% per year with efficiency savings over £320 per vehicle per year. 

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Last updated 10 March 2022