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Transforming our Planning team

In late 2022, we worked with the Planning Advisory Service who reviewed how we work and how we could join what were previously 5 local planning teams together. We're committed to implementing these recommendations so that our team follows best practice and gives you a great service:

To provide an efficient and effective planning service that engages with its residents and users to deliver environmentally and socially responsible high-quality development that adds value to the area and its people.Our vision


So far we’ve:

  • improved the efficiency of committee meetings 
  • developed  a training programme to ensure staff are equipped with the relevant  skills and knowledge to service the whole of our geographic area

We’re working on:

  • harmonising our processes and procedures so all of our residents and users receive a consistent service
  • bringing all of our IT systems together so staff can work consistently and provide a flexible, efficient service for our residents and users
  • improving our performance data reporting so we can understand what’s working well and what needs improving
  • redesigning our staff structures to ensure we have sufficient capacity and skills to deliver an efficient and effective planning service
  • improving our user content to ensure it’s clear, consistent and relevant


We welcome your feedback as it helps us to improve the service we're providing. Please let us know your experiences with using our services.

Last updated 16 August 2023