Pavement licence

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On the day you submit your application for a pavement licence, you must fix a notice of the application to the premises.

The notice needs to be visible and must be easily read by members of the public who are not on the premises.

The notice must remain in place until the end of the 14 days (excluding public holidays) public consultation period which starts on the day after you have made a complete and valid application.

If your application submission is deemed invalid we will notify you by email. A revised end of consultation date will be issued once your application is made valid.

Notice of application for a Pavement Licence

I/We:  < name of applicant> 

Give notice that on: < date the application is submitted> 

I/we have applied to North Northamptonshire Council for a Pavement Licence at:

< postal address of premises including post code>

know as:

< name premises is known by (trading name)>.

The application is for:

<enter a brief description of the application giving the area to be utilised and for what purpose (e.g. outdoor seating to the front of the premises for serving of food and drink).>

Any person wishing to make representations regarding this application may do so by writing to: [email protected]

by: <enter the last date for representations.> 

This must be the date which is 14 days after the date the application is submitted to the local authority (excluding public holidays). Note: this date will extend if your application is not accepted as complete.

The application and information submitted with it are published on the Council’s website:


Date: <date the application is submitted>

Last updated 09 April 2024