Refusing Keyways properties

Refusing to offer you a property

We can refuse to offer you the property if:

  • you didn't disclose a change of circumstances on your application
  • our checks reveal issues that aren't included in application
  • our checks confirm that you don't qualify for Keyways
  • notice to leave the property is withdrawn or the property becomes unavailable
  • a financial assessment reveals that the property is unaffordable
  • you can't pay the required rent in advance
  • you are a current social tenant and your current home has failed an inspection

You refusing a property

If you're in housing need and you refuse an offer of accommodation, you may need to attend a Housing Options appointment to discuss your requirements and expectations.

If you refuse two offers of accommodation that are reasonable and suitable in any 12 month period, your application will be closed for 12 months. You can reapply once this time period has passed.

Last updated 29 February 2024