Bidding on Keyways


Bidding on Keyways

Properties are advertised in weekly cycles - from midnight on Thursday  to 11:59pm on Tuesday.

You can bid on up to three properties each cycle.

When you bid for a property you will be told where you are in the queue. This can change throughout the week as other people (with different bands) bid on the same property. You can withdraw the bid and bid for another property you're more likely to win.

Band A

Band A applications have bids placed automatically so we can resolve your housing situation.

Suitable properties

You should only bid on properties that are suitable for your household's needs - if you bid on unsuitable properties, you bid will be skipped.

Inactive applications

If you have a housing need and don't bid for 12 months, your banding may be reviewed or your application cancelled - if we give you a high banding there is an expectation that you actively bid to resolve your housing difficulties. 

Last updated 29 February 2024