Lifeline personal alarm scheme

We operate a lifeline personal alarm scheme to support you to remain living independently within your own home. Help is available 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year.

landline connection

To be able to use this service you will need to have a landline telephone connection in your home and an electrical socket nearby to power the base unit. 


We supply and install the lifeline unit in your home. The alarm unit is easily connected to any telephone and electric socket and does not affect your existing telephone line. 

All units have a button and a pendant worn on your wrist or as a necklace. When pressed, it will automatically dial a 24 hour call centre. The call centre operator can identify you as soon as the call is connected and can immediately contact the best person or service to assist you while remaining on the line to provide comfort until they arrive. 


If you need help in an emergency, you may not be able to open the door to the person or service called to help you. To avoid delays or having to break in to your home, we will ask you to nominate 2 people who can hold a key on your behalf.

This can be your next of kin or a nominated local person who would be happy to be contacted in case of emergency and who is able to respond quickly. If you do not have anyone locally then we can arrange for a key safe to be fitted.


We recommend the use of a keysafe outside your property to allow instant access to responding personnel in an emergency situation. 

A key safe is a small key storage system that is mounted to an outside wall and is resistant to hammering and sawing. It can be accessed via a combination lock set to your own chosen number. The number is held on the computer system in the Control Centre.


Corby area
  • £3.15 per week for tenants in non sheltered housing
  • £289.72 per year for owner occupiers, leaseholders and tenants of other landlords
Kettering area
  • £5.00 per week 


Lifeline alarms are temporarily unavailable with our housing team.

If you have poor mobility, serious health problems or feel vulnerable in your own home you may be able to get a lifeline and keysafe through our Assistive Technology team.


Once a month our call centre will test your equipment to ensure it is working correctly and annually one of our Support Workers will ensure that the information we hold is up to date.

Last updated 03 July 2024