Section 38 agreement copies

We can provide copies of a Section 38 Agreement (or associated documents) covering the road upon which your property is located​.

This is only available where the road has not been adopted by the Highways Authority.

We charge a fee to reflect the cost of administration and copying incurred.

It is not usually possible to provide copies of these documents electronically due to the large plans connected to the legal agreement.


Copy Section 38 Agreement and plan​£36 (£30 plus VAT)
Copy Deed of Variation (please note that there may be more than one of these)​£24 (£20 plus VAT per copy)
​Advance Payment Code Notice and Bond (if applicable)​£18 (£15 plus VAT)

Copies of the above agreements are administered by Pathfinder Legal Services Ltd. They are the legal service providers.

How to request a copy

To request a copy of an agreement please:

Please provide:

  • the full property address
  • your contact details

When we receive a request we will check to identify the legal agreements covering the property and notify you of the cost of providing such copies.

We accept payment by cheque (made payable to Pathfinder Legal Services Limited) or BACS payment.

It can take up to 7 working days for the copy agreements to be provided to you from receipt of payment.

Complete a section 38 agreement

A section 38 agreement should be completed and submitted by the developer of the works.

Find out more about section 38 agreements.

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Last updated 25 August 2022