Healthy workplaces

Our team supports businesses and organisations in North Northamptonshire to create healthy workplaces for their employees.

Improving workplace health doesn't need to be expensive. Small, low-cost changes can make a big difference and:

  • lower employee turnover rate 
  • boost employee engagement 
  • improve customer service 
  • increase productivity 
  • reduce sickness absence 
  • reduce employees repeatedly coming to work when they're unwell
  • save costs to the employer

Our offer

Our expert team can help by offering:

  • workplace health needs assessments and reports
  • support creating a workplace health strategy
  • webinars and workshops
  • support to live a healthy life including stopping smoking

We will look at:

  • physical and mental health
  • the workplace environment and culture
  • relationships between staff and their managers
  • security - physical, psychological and financial
  • purpose - clear roles and responsibilities

Email us at [email protected] and our team will get back to you.

Wellbeing toolkit

Our Workplace Wellbeing Toolkit is launching in April and provides a walkthrough of all the things you can do to provide a healthy workplace including:

  • tools to assess current levels of workplace wellbeing
  • step-by-step guidance on best practice in addressing each of the areas of workplace wellbeing
  • quality-assured partner organisations who can provide further support:
    • NHS health checks
    • carer support
    • alcohol and drug awareness training
    • and many more

We'll also give you access to the Northamptonshire Workplace Wellbeing Knowledge Hub. The group is for anyone involved in workplace wellbeing and aims to share knowledge, evidence, and experiences across all topics of workplace wellbeing.

Last updated 08 February 2024