Smoke and bonfires


Smoke control areas

Only exempted appliances and authorised smokeless fuels can be used in smoke control areas.

There are 3 smoke control areas in Corby.

If you allow smoke to escape from your chimney in these areas, you could be prosecuted and face a fine of up to £1,000 if you break the rules.

Exempted appliances

You can use DEFRA appliances exempted appliances as these have been rigorously tested and have minimal smoke emissions.

Wood can only be burned in exempted appliances and must be dry and Ready to Burn certified. If you wish to dry your own wood, cover it well in a dry, ventilated space for at least a year.

Non-exempted appliances

If you're using a non-exempted appliance, you can only burn certain smokeless fuels and Ready to Burn has a list of local suppliers.

Reduce your impact

Help reduce air pollution and the harmful health effects to you and your neighbours that are caused by inhaling smoke by:

  • checking if you are in a smoke control area
  • buying wood that has been dried and contains less than 20% moisture
  • do not burn treated waste wood (e.g. old furniture) as it can emit harmful fumes
  • choosing smokeless coal, briquettes and ovals rather than ordinary household coal
  • getting your chimney swept regularly (up to twice a year)
  • burning less where possible
  • be considerate if lighting bonfires, outdoor burners and BBQs and always take care not to cause a smoke nuisance. Dispose of garden waste through our disposal scheme or consider composting it. Most garden waste will not be dry and can emit a lot of smoke

Last updated 17 April 2023