Sheltered housing

Silver Service

The Silver Service is available for £14.81 per week for sheltered housing in the Kettering area and supports you to:

  • remain independent for as long as possible
  • have a greater choice of housing and support services
  • live in a high quality environment
  • receive services tailored to their individual needs provided by dedicated staff with a personal touch

Our standards

We will:

  • provide you with a full introduction to the scheme within 2 working days
  • produce a support plan that is reviewed at least every 6 months
  • ensure your health and welfare is monitored, notifying the appropriate emergency, welfare services and next of kin if you fall ill
  • try to respond to any emergencies within 30 minutes
  • help you maintain your independence while providing you with safe and supported quality accommodation
  • provide an intercom system linked to our staff and the on-duty call centre 24 hours a day
  • carry out risk assessments yearly and conduct a weekly health and safety inspection
  • clean communal areas and maintain gardens to an acceptable health and safety standard
  • liaise directly with services such as care management, doctors, social workers, meals on wheels and cleaning services
  • arrange appointments for repairs
  • hold monthly meetings and send you our newsletter every quarter
  • help you find services that will do the things we don’t do (if you have no family or friends to do this)

We will not:

  • invade your privacy
  • provide any personal care or administer any medication
  • lift a you if you have fallen
  • breach your confidentiality
  • handle your money
  • get involved in family or personal disputes
  • do any housework, laundry or shopping for tenants
  • enter or let anyone into a your home if they you are absent, unless it is an emergency
  • arrange coffee mornings or social events
  • act as a witness of a will or other financial matters
  • take you to appointments
  • accept any personal gifts, money or bequests  

We expect you:

  • and your visitors to be polite and respectful towards your neighbours and staff
  • to maintain the conditions of your tenancy
  • to pay your rent and service charges promptly
  • to respect communal facilities and leave them clean and tidy after use
  • to let us or the call centre know when you are going out, if your circumstances change or if you receive support from any outside agency
  • and any visitors to use the door entry system correctly and not to let any strangers into the building
  • to keep your home secure and doors locked
  • and families to contact staff within their working hours only
  • and your family to keep in contact with us and provide alternative contact details if they plan to go on holiday for an extended period of time

We don't expect:

  • tenants to fit any additional locks or chains to their doors which might prevent us gaining access in an emergency
  • fire doors to be wedged open
  • scooters to be stored or charged in communal areas

For further information or to request a full guide to our Silver Service standards email us at: [email protected].

Last updated 12 April 2023