Local Nature Recovery Strategy

Help shape nature recovery in Northamptonshire

Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS) is a new approach to setting priorities for nature at a local level in England. They are a statutory requirement, defined in Sections 104 to 106 of the Environment Act 2021.

Each strategy must:

  • agree priorities for nature’s recovery
  • map the most valuable existing areas for nature
  • map specific proposals for creating or improving habitat for nature and wider environmental goals

The main purpose of the strategy is to identify locations to create or improve the habitat most likely to provide the greatest benefit for nature and the wider environment.

The strategy will not force landowners and land managers to make any changes but will help identify areas and opportunities for a wider natural network. The government is encouraging action through, for example, opportunities for funding and investment.

The government intends for local nature recovery strategies to inform the local planning process.


North Northamptonshire Council will be the appointed Responsible Authority for the production of a Local Nature Recovery Strategy in this area.

The regulations set out the process that should be taken in preparation and review of the strategy.

  1. Prepare - agree priorities, identify potential measures’ (actions for achieving them) and map suitable locations for carrying them out
  2. Publish - finalise the strategy and make it available
  3. Take action - local partners work together with landowners and land managers to create and enhance habitat for nature and the environment and take other biodiversity-positive actions
  4. Review - recognise what actions have been delivered, including those not identified in the current strategy.
  5. Update - revisit priorities, potential measures and suitable locations, to reflect progress and changing circumstances to ensure the strategy remains relevant and ambitious.
  6. Republish - finalise the updated strategy and make it available

We are currently at Stage 1 and have established a team to deliver the strategy.

Working with partners

Under the regulations, responsible authorities must work together with partners when preparing their strategy and later when reviewing.

This aims to:

  • provide a single vision for nature recovery and the use of nature-based solutions that all interested parties have been able to contribute to and work towards
  • build and strengthen local partnerships that will be important for carrying out the strategies as well as preparing them
  • involve the people who own and manage the land, and the people who take regulatory decisions, so they can contribute to what action is being proposed, where and why

By working with local partners, responsible authorities will be able to produce strategies that are technically sound, and evidence-based. They will also benefit from local knowledge and have support from partners to help achieve successful delivery.

North Northamptonshire Council is working closely with West Northamptonshire Council, which is also a Responsible Authority, to consider the cross-boundary aspects of nature that interact with both areas. We are both working with the Northamptonshire Local Nature Partnership which includes:

Get involved

If you are interested in the LNRS and would like to be kept updated on progress, please email [email protected] to register your details for our consultation database.

Last updated 27 June 2023