Young people’s community safety animation programme

We've created animated safety workshops for schools to deliver to their students (aimed at students in years 5 to 7).

The programme is built around animated films, following characters related to each subject. The subjects interlink and include workshop info, tasks and activities that all schools, whether urban, rural or specialist such as SEND, will be able to deliver in-house themselves with confidence.

You have the option to teach one, some or all of the subjects. They can be done back to back or individually. Each film last 5 minutes and include clear sections. No two sessions are the same as the pausing function allows schools to engage students in discussion and activities throughout.

This programme has been created in partnership with Northamptonshire Police and West Northamptonshire Council.


You can apply for the animated workshops online.


Topics covered: Grooming, critical thinking, having someone to talk to, reporting

Follows character Amelia, who loves playing video games online with her friends. A person she doesn’t know, ‘Naomi’, begins sending gifts to her online and chatting to her over private messages. Amelia is faced with decisions across the video of whether to engage more with the questions and requests that ‘Naomi’ is asking her, including to meet up in real life. Eventually, her friends intervene when they notice that Amelia has been acting differently and warn her of the dangers of the situation which leads Amelia to blocking the contact.

Topics covered: Personal safety tips, critical thinking, decision making, peer pressure

Follows character Zuzanna who has a doctors appointment after school so needs to hurry home in order not to be late. Along the way Zuzanna is faced with various situations and decisions in which she must decide between options that may impact her safety. Through the pause points in the video these will allow you to have discussions with your class to allow them to critically think about what the best decisions would be, why and what the potential consequences could be. Included also is an example of how Zuzanna and her friend deal with a dangerous situation and what they do as a result.

Topics covered: Fire fascination, risks and consequences, critical thinking, peer pressure, safety tips

Follows character Abdi who while walking home from school finds a cigarette lighter on the floor. Intrigued, he decides to keep it and continues walking home. Once home Abdi goes to his room and begins messing around with the lighter, fascinated by the flames. He tries lighting a piece of paper but, shocked by how quickly it burns, blows it out and puts the paper in the bin. Later, while downstairs the paper in the bin begins smoking and relights causing a fire in the house. The family evacuate and call 999.

Months later, Abdi is on route to the outdoor swimming class at the local lake. Upon arrival, there is a sign saying class is cancelled due to low temperatures. Initially disappointed, one of the friends suggest still swimming anyway as they know a bunch of safety tips. Abdi is still concerned and suggests the safer options of the local indoor swimming pool which is supervised with a lifeguard. They agree and all head off together.

Topics covered: Overview of what a hate crime is, how people can be affected, reflecting on how your actions can affect others, encouraging acceptance and individuality

Follows character Harry who one day while at the park with some friends, notices Abdi alone and looking sad. Harry goes over to him and asks if he is okay, but Abdi dismisses him saying he wouldn’t understand. Confused, Harry returns to his group and they explain reasons to him why Abdi thinks Harry wouldn’t understand - notable examples, race and disability. Upon reflection, Harry asks to meet up with Abdi to apologise and discuss what is happening. Harry tells Abdi the ways he is going to be a better friend in the future and stand up for any injustices against Abdi.

Topics covered: Peer pressure, talking to someone, consequences

Follows character Alex who has recently been hanging out with a new group of older kids rather than her usual friends. Amari questions Alex about the new group but Alex is defensive and snappy. Later, Amari asks if she can borrow Alex’s textbook, they agree but when they open their bag, Amari spots a knife in Alex’s bag. Shocked, Amari questions Alex who is again defensive and defends the older kids who gave them it. The friends go separate ways home.

Worried, Amari confides in her mum who suggests they talk to Alex’s parents but Amari stops her and asks if she can talk to Alex again first. Meanwhile, Alex is at home with their dad and begins asking subtle questions about knives and gangs. Confused, Alex’s dad questions this more and eventually Alex opens up about the situation and they discuss steps moving forward.

Topics covered: Critical thinking, empathy, examples of unhealthy relationships and friendships, mindfulness

This short video tells Amelia’s story. When Amelia overhears a group of her classmates talking about talking online she asks to join their group chat, but issues arise when other children are unkind to her. Amelia confides in a trusted adult and her classmates have some decisions to make about how to resolve the situation.

Topics covered: Emotions, awareness of those around you, being a good friend, talking to someone, tips

Follows character Kai who recently has been a lot quieter around his friends and appears withdrawn and down. This change is presented in the group scenario a few times before his friend Alex begins noticing and goes to chat with Kai to ask if they are okay and discuss how he is feeling. Kai opens up to Alex and they suggest going to talk to an adult who may be able to help. 

Kai decides to confide in his teacher who helps explain mental health and that it is perfectly okay to feel down and not necessarily know why. The friends together discuss ways to help your mental health and the benefits of having someone to talk to.

Topics covered: Peer pressure, self-awareness, personal safety, critical thinking

Follows character Amari who is heading to the local park with her friends to play football. When they arrive all the goals are taken so Harry suggests the local rail yard where his older brother and mates always go. Unsure of the situation, Amari continues to the rail yard with the group.

On route, there are multiple examples shown of how the friends are being unsafe near the road which get called out and addressed. Once they arrive the group start playing but Amari hangs back, voicing her doubts and potential dangers. The group continue. A kick lands the football on the track, but before the friend moves to retrieve it, a train blazes through the yard and destroys the ball. Shocked and scared they apologise to Amari and promise never to return.


Last updated 24 November 2023