We operate CCTV for public safety, prevention and detection of crime and to monitor traffic. Our CCTV systems capture images 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Our CCTV is in operation around:

  • public locations such as the town centre
  • council-owned premises
  • corporate buildings where there is public access
  • museums and galleries
  • corporate refuse and recycling vehicles
  • surveillance for fly-tipping and other environmental crimes
  • sheltered housing schemes

The way in which CCTV is used is controlled by a strict Code of Practice which includes procedures for tape handling, recording of incidents, dealing with inquiries, use of tapes for evidence and maintaining confidentiality. 


Anyone can request the release of CCTV footage but the legitimacy of these requests will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis by our Data Officer. 

The council is unable to release footage to individuals whereby doing so would likely prejudice or harm the:

  • prevention and detection of crime
  • apprehension or prosecution of offenders

Therefore, If you are a victim of crime or have been involved in a road traffic accident, we cannot process your request under the normal Subject Access Request procedures. This is because we can only provide images of you and not third parties.

In these circumstances you should report the matter to the Police, who can make a request directly to our Control Rooms. Copy footage can be provided to the Police should they require it for their investigations. If you are involved in a road traffic accident you should contact your insurance company or legal representative to request the footage under Schedule 2, Part 1 (5) of the Data Protection Act. There may be a charge for this service. 

Any requests should be emailed to the area which the incident took place. CCTV footage is only retained for 31 days maximum.

Corby area

We operate CCTV throughout Corby.

East Northamptonshire area

CCTV is in place in all of the 6 town centres in East Northamptonshire - this is managed by the town councils, not us.

Kettering area

We operate CCTV in Kettering town centre and within the A6 towns including Burton Latimer and Desborough.

Wellingborough area

We operate CCTV in Wellingborough town centre. This is currently managed by West Northants Council on our behalf. 

Last updated 07 November 2023