Report a concern about a child

Northamptonshire Children’s Trust delivers services across Northamptonshire that support children, young people, their families and our community.

You can read more on the Trust's website, which includes information on:

  • reporting a concern about a child
  • reporting a concern about an adult working with a child
  • safeguarding advice and support for professionals
  • bullying advice
  • children in employment and entertainment
  • staying safe online
  • what happens if your child is referred for support


If you are worried about the safety or welfare of a child and are satisfied there is no immediate danger, please report a concern about a child to Northamptonshire Children's Trust.

Whether you are a child, parent, carer or professional, the Trust's website offers important guidance and explains how the reporting process works.


If it is an emergency and you think a child may be in immediate danger please contact the emergency services directly by calling 999.

Contact the Children's Trust

Contact the Northamptonshire Children's Trust or give feedback on its services through its website.

You can report a concern, use a general enquiry form or phone the customer service centre.

Last updated 25 April 2024