Register a birth

You must register a baby's birth within 42 calendar days of the date of birth.

Request an appointment

Babies born at Kettering General Hospital will be registered with us. If the birth took place elsewhere, please check the registration district by entering the postcode of where the birth took place as some NN postcode's are not in our district.

Babies born at Northampton General Hospital will be registered by West Northamptonshire council.

If your child was born outside of the North Northamptonshire district, but within England and Wales, we’re unable to register the birth, but we can complete a "Declaration". This would mean you attend an appointment with us to provide information about the birth, we then pass this information to the registration district where the birth occurred. Once they’ve completed the registration you can then order any certificates you require from the district where the birth occurred.

At the appointment

You should arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. ​The appointment will last about 30 minutes.

  • If you are married to the child’s mother or father, only one person needs to be present to complete the registration
  • If you are not married, and wish for the father's details to be included on the birth certificate, you must attend the appointment together

If you have any queries, please contact the Registration Service.

Information we need

When registering the birth, you will need to tell the registrar:

  • the date and place of birth of the baby
  • the sex of the baby
  • the baby's full names and surname
  • the dates and places of birth of the parents
  • the parents' occupations
  • the mother’s maiden name
  • the date of the parents' marriage (if applicable)
  • where the parents are living

You will need to sign the completed register entry to confirm that all the information is correct.

What you need to bring

Please bring the baby's red record book, if available, when you attend your appointment.

You do not need to bring the baby to the appointment with you.

Where to go

Your appointment to register a birth can take place at any of our Registration Offices in:

Last updated 22 May 2024