Refuse policies and terms


Commercial waste terms and conditions

1. Payment terms 

a) Accounts will be rendered quarterly and in advance by invoice with 30 day payment terms. Payment must be received by the due date on the invoice (i.e. the 14 January, 14 April, 14 July and 14 October of each year). In the case of an initial request for service, an invoice will be raised with seven day payment terms and payment must be received by the council before the delivery of the containers can be made to the customer.

b) Late payment will result in stoppage of the service and a charge being applied to the account before collections can be reinstated. Failure to pay will result in the service being terminated and all containers being removed. The customer will be liable for any outstanding balances up to the date of termination. 

c) The scale of charges will be reviewed periodically and you will be informed of any price changes 30 days prior to their introduction.

2. Use of containers 

a) All materials must be placed inside the containers supplied with lids fully closed. Loose waste will not be collected unless by prior arrangement and will be subject to further charges for collection and disposal. Containers that exceed the weight limits for our lifting apparatus will not be emptied.

b) The containers should not be used for, and will not be emptied if they contain, any hazardous waste, liquids, rubble, stones, wood,  bricks, large metal objects, WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment)  or raw meat, fish, blood, or blood related products, or packaging contaminated by these products. Arrangements for collection of these types of waste will need to be organised with a specialist service provider.

c) The customer will be responsible for the safe keeping and cleanliness of all containers supplied at all times. The Council reserves the right to charge for the cost or any repairs of replacements of damaged or lost containers.

3. Storage and collection of containers 

a) Containers must be stored within the customer's property boundary and cannot be stored on the Highway. Where there is no suitable storage for containers off the highway then a bag or sticker service can be provided. 

b) 660 litre and 1,100 litre containers will be collected and returned to an agreed collection point within the boundary of the property concerned. The containers must be stored on flat hard standing and cannot be pulled across loose ground or gravel by collection operatives. 240 litre wheeled bins, sacks or stickered waste shall, unless otherwise agreed, be placed out for collection as close as is reasonably practical to the boundary of the property concerned. 

c) The customer must ensure that containers are not obscured by parked vehicles or any other obstructions on scheduled collection days. The Council reserve the right to charge for any failed collections due to obstructions or containers not being made available as agreed. 

d) Where the customer believes we have failed to make an agreed collection they must notify us within 48 hours in order for it to be investigated and an alternative collection arranged. Failure to report a missed collection within this time scale will result in the customer waiting until the next scheduled collection day or paying an additional collection charge. 

e) Collections will be made Monday to Friday between 6:30am and 5pm with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day, when alternative arrangements may be made with any affected customers being advised of any changes in advance.

f) Any change of address must be notified to the council in advance, so that necessary arrangements can be made to ensure the smooth transition of refuse collection. If moving out of the area the usual notice period applies.

4. Bag and sticker collections 

The council will only accept waste presented within designated 80 litre green bags or labelled with the appropriate stickers which have been provided by the council. 

a) Stickered waste must be bundled or contained within a box that is no bigger than, or does not weigh more than the weight an average person can lift comfortably on their own. All blue bags must be securely fastened. 

b) Waste must only be presented on pre-agreed collection days from the property that the waste has been produced at and where the Waste Transfer Note stipulates. Where waste is not presented on the correct day, is not presented in the correct bag, or does not carry the appropriate sticker, it will be deemed as fly tipping and the customer could face legal action through the council's enforcement procedures.

5. Cancellation of service 

Where the customer wishes to terminate the service 3 months’ notice must be received by the council in writing, either by email to [email protected] or by post to:

Commercial Waste Administration
North Northamptonshire Council
4 Robinson Way
Telford Way Industrial Estate
NN16 8PP.

All containers must be made available for removal at the end of the notice period and all accounts must be paid up to the cancellation date. 

6. Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities (SIC)

Trade customers should note that it is a statutory requirement to provide a correct UK Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities (SIC) code for their business in Section B of the Duty of Care: Waste Transfer Note. The SIC code is used to classify business establishments and other standard units by the type of economic activity in which they are engaged and its use provides a framework for the collection, tabulation, presentation and analysis of data which can be used for administrative purposes and to help make strategic planning decisions.

If a SIC code is not provided it may not be possible for a business to be provided with a refuse collection service.

7. Records

This document must be kept on file by the customer and council for 2 years. This is a legal requirement as part of your Duty of Care obligations and failure to produce this document within two years of its production could result in legal action.

Replacement documents can be provided for a £20 fee.

8. Privacy

North Northamptonshire Council is committed to your privacy and protection of your personal data.  For details about how we collect and process your personal data, you can access details of our privacy notices.  

If you require a printed version of our privacy notices please call us.

Last updated 27 February 2023