Adult Learning accountability agreement 2023/24

Purpose, mission and vision


This statement outlines how the Adult Learning service will provide opportunity of learning to support the local, regional and national priorities. It is developed in response to Accountability Agreements for 2023 to 2024 guidance published by the Department for Education. The plan considers the service response to the Skills Act (2021), following the Skills for Jobs White paper, increasing the accountability of Further Education Providers to respond to current and future skills demands. The plan is written to compliment the Adult Learning Service Strategic Plan (2023 to 2027) and contributes towards meeting local, regional and national priorities for skills development.

Our mission

To provide high quality learning opportunities for adults and young people across North and West Northamptonshire to improve skills and wellbeing for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Every adult and young person in Northamptonshire has the opportunity to gain the skills they need to progress in the world of work, support their children to have the best start in life and improve their own confidence and wellbeing. We recognise that a wide range of learning opportunities, that reflect and respond to a diverse range of community needs, can increase economic prosperity, improve health, reduce dependence, and empower communities.Our vision

Last updated 10 April 2024